Who We Are

Tautog's: A Coastal Dining Experience

We are unrivaled in the pursuit of providing customers with the finest seafood, service and surroundings.

The Tautog's Restaurant concept was created in an effort to provide customers with a unique dining experience combining quality seafood products, with distinctive customer service in an inviting coastal area setting.

Tautog's Restaurant(s) is a casual dining establishment featuring exceptional fish and seafood entrée's soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts…served by the friendliest people in town.

Tautog's was conceived after partners of Right Coast Properties purchased and committed to the preservation of a unique 1920's beach cottage in Virginia Beach's resort strip area. Right Coast Foods T/A Tautog's Restaurant was created to operate a first class food service business in the cottage. Sight, Sound and Smell is recipe for attracting customers interested in the finest casual dining experience in the coastal zone. Tautog's unique setting is intended to provide patrons a glimpse of the area's maritime past while enjoying some of today's finest seafood fare.

All products offered at Tautog's Restaurant(s) have been developed with an emphasis on quality, consistency and timely delivery. Each product offered by Tautog's is a signature item that is developed in Right Coast Foods Kitchen or Right Coast Foods' contract kitchens. Each item in the Tautog's product line has been developed with the primary goal of meeting the seafood oriented demands of eastern seaboard consumers. Each product has been developed with consideration given to local tastes and bias, personal health issues, environmental impact concerns and long term profit related goals.

Customer Service at Tautog's is intended to serve as industry standard for ensuring both customer and employee satisfaction.

Employees of Tautog's Restaurant are chosen as a result of their demonstrated commitment to excellence and desire to excel in the food service industry. The management team of Tautog's will continuously strive to create a working atmosphere within the restaurant that provides employees the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while accomplishing various services and sales related goals. At Tautog's, success is achieved through customer and employee satisfaction.